Really need advice 😔

I’m with a guy and he tells me he does not fear losing me his only fear is causing me pain? What exactly does that mean?!


Hayao Miyazaki animated rain, which means every frame is hand drawn. 

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When people think they are perfect -_-

So what you just said pretty much is if my child comes out different than you.. He is not normal?.. Well u can go fuck yourself and spend your life with your rude boyfriend and his family that don’t like you :) .enjoy. Cuz ill be with my as u say..”unattached” boyfriend who treats me like a princess and never disrespects me and has respect for others And our baby and live our un-normal life <3 since your boyfriend and yourself are so perfect.

Being judge mental < anything

Seeing that a lot of girls are stereotyping over guys is just crazy. They are not all the same! There are decent guys out there. You just need to stop going to the same ass hole who breaks your heart and hurts you. Maybe if you step back and put your guard down and stop being so picky you will see that one guy when your out in the crowd looking for you instead of you looking for the hottest guy out there. And every girl saying how she wants this nice muscle guy. I mean yeah he may be hot and have a nice body but that doesn’t mean he will treat you right or treat you how you want to be treated. I love my boyfriend and we been together for 5 years and 4 months now and yeah we had our ups and downs but if we didn’t it wouldn’t be a “normal” relationship all tho no relationship is normal but u get what I’m saying. He is charming, smart, and a gentleman. He won’t disrespect any woman no matter what he thinks of them. And if your starting to date a new guy. Just watch how he treated his mother.. Cuz that’s how he will treat you. And my boyfriend is a mama’s boy :) I don’t know what I would do with out him

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